In Georgia, over 400 propane powered buses transport students back and forth to school every day. Districts looking to replace aging diesel fleets are making the switch to propane to help save the environment, the health of their students and of course, money.
When compared to diesel, propane offers a number of advantages:

  • Propane buses start easily and warm up quickly, eliminating the need for idling or early startup in winter
  • The new Blue Bird Type C buses have been certifed to NOx level .05 g/ bhp-hr, which is 75% cleaner than the current emission standard
  • Fleet savings on fuel costs and a lower total cost of ownership (fewer oil changes, longer maintenance intervals) vs. diesel have reduced overall fleet expenses for school districts.

The next time you see students riding on buses in Fulton, Paulding or Hall counties, look for the Propane Autogas sticker on the back of the bus and breathe easy!