Propane Forklifts and Material Handling

You can count on our large supply network to provide uninterrupted and timely delivery of fuel, so your forklifts are ready to run for every shift. We offer both spray fill on-site and an easy cylinder exchange system to provide regular and speedy service.

We recommend propane fuel to our customers, as it provides 100% power throughout forklift operation. This is something electric lifts can’t promise, especially in 5,000–10,000+ lb. capacity fleets. With no batteries to recharge, the refueling process is quick and the storage is safe and convenient. Plus, propane-powered forklifts produce 19% fewer emissions than gasoline and 7% fewer emissions than diesel.

Fast and Safe Refueling

The time required to refuel propane forklifts is minimal when compared to electric and natural-gas powered forklifts. It takes 5 minutes to change a propane cylinder whereas an electric forklift could take up to 8 hours to recharge.

Leverage our 24×7 forklift cylinder exchange service and you’ll eliminate refueling downtime altogether! In addition, all propane tanks, fuel lines and components meet strict national safety specifications. Automatic shut-off safety features stop the flow of fuel in case of an emergency.

Cost Effective

Propane provide 100% power throughout operation, boosting forklift productivity especially outdoors where higher speeds are possible. 

In a 2005 study propane forklifts were as much as $.07 cheaper to run than their electric counterparts. When multiplied by thousands of hours in operation – costs add up quickly! One 33lb propane tank can provide 8 hours of operating time for the average forklift. And there’s no need for a charging bay, chargers, and equipment to remove and store the large batteries.

Reduced Emissions

Propane is a clean-burning, non-toxic fuel source. Research has shown that properly maintained propane-powered forklifts produce significantly less emissions than their comparable gasoline or diesel-powered counterparts.

Not only does this reduce carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, hydrocarbon, and particulate matter emissions, but also prevents harmful spillage as the gas completely evaporates when exposed to the atmosphere. Studies have shown propane to achieve an efficiency rating of nearly 90%, followed by natural gas at 87%, diesel at 85%, and gasoline at 82%.

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Emissions Advantage

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